This website has been created fopr the intended purpose of helping students in the 101PED class with their 1.2 Shooting Hoops assessment which is an assessment which assess the students knowledge on Anatomy and Biomechanics which have been taught in a class room or in a practical environment outside on the courts or inside the gym.


When 101PED were learning about anatomy, we learned to remember the names of basic bones and muscles all around the body and where they are, for example in the arm there is the muscle bicep and the bone humerous. We also learned about how the joints interact with these bones and muscles and how they work together to perform certain movement and what those movements are called, for example if you bend your arm your doing flexion as your bicep is flexing and moving your arm towards your body and making the angle of your arm less.


When 101PED were learning about biomechanics, we learned about the biomechanical pricipal of force summation, balance and stability, and newton's laws. These biomechanical prinicples were applied to our practical activities and help explain how to effectivily use these principles to improve performance in a basketball game setting.